November 6–11 Declared Toxicology Week at St. John’s University

By Sue Ford posted 11-03-2022 16:27


The Toxicology Program at St. John’s University will observe “Toxicology Week” November 6–11. We will continue it as a tradition in the future and created a logo for it. This particular week was chosen to encompass one of the days ascribed to Paracelsus’s birthday and because it comes in the middle of the semester.

We have two events scheduled this year. The first is the “Dean’s Hour Toxicology Career Night,” which we hold annually to give our undergraduate and graduate toxicology students the opportunity to interact with our wonderful alumni. The second event is “Toxicology Movie Night,” which will feature Dark Waters along with a side of popcorn.

It is time that toxicology has its own National Week, the same as other disciplines and professions such as “National Chemistry Week.” We hope that it catches on to celebrate our discipline and its contributions. If you are interested in planning events for November 2023, please contact me.

P.S. Did you know that Paracelsus (as a statue) makes an appearance in one of the Harry Potter movies?

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