SOT Seeks Comments on Bylaws Changes by March 6

By Suzanne Fitzpatrick posted 02-04-2021 18:32


The SOT Council reviews the Constitution and Bylaws on a regular basis to ensure they reflect the current operations of the organization and to support continual improvement. In response to suggestions from several members, SOT Council recently approved changes to the Bylaws to reflect gender-neutral pronouns. A Track Changes version of the Bylaws is posted for SOT membership review and comment. 

Please review the changes and send your comments to SOT Headquarters by March 6, 2021. Suggestions and comments received by March 6 will be reviewed by Council. After consideration of the comments by SOT Council, the proposed Bylaws change will be submitted to the membership for a vote. Approval by two-thirds vote of ballots returned within 60 days shall be required for adoption.

This blog is authored as part of the roles and responsibilities assigned to the SOT Secretary.