Announcing the 2021–2022 SOT Officers and Elected Committee Members

By Suzanne Fitzpatrick posted 02-11-2021 04:52 PM


Thank you to the SOT members who participated in this year’s election. Congratulations to the following members, who will begin their service on May 1, 2021. In the coming weeks, this blog will provide more information on these newly elected individuals, including the qualifications and volunteer contributions that led them to their new positions.

Vice President-Elect

Dori R. Germolec, PhD



James P. Luyendyk, PhD

Michigan State University


Antonio T. Baines, PhD

North Carolina Central University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Robyn Leigh Tanguay, PhD

Oregon State University

Awards Committee

Pedro L. Del Valle, PhD, ATS

US Food and Drug Administration

Joshua P. Gray, PhD

US Coast Guard Academy

Dinah Lee Misner, PhD, DABT, DSP

Aligos Therapeutics Inc.

Logeswari Ponnusamy, DVM, PhD

Zoetis Inc.

Membership Committee

Elena Hernandez Ramon, MD, PhD

National Institutes of Health

Cheryl E. Rockwell, PhD

Michigan State University

Kristine L. Willett, PhD

University of Mississippi

Nominating Committee

From the Past Presidents

Lois Lehman-McKeeman, PhD, ATS

Bristol-Myers Squibb

From the Regional Chapters

Margaret H. Whittaker, PhD, ERT, DABT, CBiol, FRSB

ToxServices LLC

From the Special Interest Groups

Bernard K. Gadagbui, PhD, DABT, ERT

Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment

From the Specialty Sections

Rhiannon N. Hardwick, PhD, DABT

Theravance Biopharma