Mental Wellness Resources for Scientists, Postdocs, and Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic


By Aaron Bowman posted 05-14-2020 13:09


SOT recognizes that many in our community may be experiencing anxiety and uncertainty related to their research and professional opportunities, especially our Student and Postdoc members who have had their studies and training placements interrupted. A FASEB Working Group has been meeting to share ideas and resources on how we can assist each other and our trainees and students during these times. This blog outlines some of the resources we have identified.

Council of Graduate Schools (CGS)

CGS has identified information and resources to help graduate institutions support their students during the pandemic, including a collection of examples and information on how various institutions are addressing the pandemic.

Greater Good Magazine’s “Guide to Well-Being During Coronavirus”

Greater Good Magazine, published by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, has produced a “Guide to Well-Being During Coronavirus,” containing resources for help with stress and anxiety and fostering connection, as well as well-being resources for parents, educators, and health care professionals.

Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN) Research Hub

Focused on developing, adopting, and sharing “inclusive practices for recruiting, admitting, and retaining women and underrepresented minorities,” IGEN Research Hub has a compilation of resources for supporting graduate student well-being.

National Postdoctoral Association (NPA)

SOT holds a sustaining membership in NPA, which has gathered COVID-19-related resources for its postdoctoral community.

NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)

NIGMS is hosting a webinar series focused on students, postdocs, and faculty on a variety of topics of interest to those in the scientific research community. Information on this new hour-long series is available on the NIGMS website

NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE)

With free trainings, workshops, and webinars for current NIH trainees and trainees outside the NIH, OITE has focused its recent offerings on wellness topics, such as anxiety and depression. OITE is hosting multiple webinars and events each week. View the full list of recorded and upcoming opportunities on the OITE website.

Finally, neuroscientist and psychologist Desiree Dickerson has published an article titled “I’m an Academic, Not a Therapist. How Do I Support My Group Members’ Mental Health and Well-Being Right Now? A Cheat Sheet for Checking In” for those in academia looking for assistance in connecting with their teams during this pause in research activities.

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