SOT ELFSI Specialty Section: Forensic Toxiciology Joins Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Group


By Judith Zelikoff posted 01-04-2018 15:32


ATTENTION: Forensic Toxicology has officially joined the Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues (ELSI) Specialty Section!

They are now the ELFSI Specialty Section  (Ethical, Legal, Forensic, and Social Issues). Earlier this year, a group of four prominent SOT toxicologists, representing over 30 Society of  Toxicology (SOT) members with an interest in forensics, reached out to the ELSI Specialty Section leaders with the hope that they could join the section and provide a place within the SOT to offer an avenue for forensic toxicologists to network and share their skill sets.

The inclusion of forensic toxicology is of interest to toxicologists concerned about the broader impact of forensics-related research on bioethical, legal, and societal decision-making. The addition of general and specific causation as they relate to ethical, legal, forensic, and societal issues will enhance the accessibility, impact, and understanding of these integrated areas of toxicology. We are all excited about this merger and broadening our focus on toxicology.  

If you are interested in Forensic Toxicology, please consider joining the Ethical, Legal, Forensics, and Societal Issues (ELFSI) Specialty Section.