Seeking SOT Voting Members Response to Proposed Bylaws Change


By Laurie Haws posted 10-11-2018 13:16


Each year, the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Council undertakes a complete review of the Constitution and Bylaws of the SOT. During its September 2018 meeting, SOT Council approved a proposed change to the SOT Bylaws recommended by the Membership Committee. Article Second was revised to allow waiving the requirement for Associate members to be presented by two Full members of the Society when seeking to upgrade to Full membership status.

SOT Voting members may provide comments on the proposed changes, which are due no later than November 10, 2018. Please review the changes and send your comments to SOT Headquarters.

After Council's consideration of the comments, the proposed Bylaws change will be submitted to the membership for a vote. Approval by two-thirds vote of ballots received within 60 days shall be required for adoption.

The proposed change is as follows, with new text indicated by an underline.

2018–2019 Bylaws Amendment Proposal

Article Second—Membership

Section 1. Candidates for all categories of membership, except Postdoctoral, Student, Honorary, Retired, and Emeritus, shall be presented by at least two Full members of the Society on forms provided by the Executive Director. This requirement shall be waived for Associate members seeking Full membership status. Candidates for Postdoctoral or Student membership require only a letter from their research advisor attesting to their student or postdoctoral status. Completed applications shall be returned to the Executive Director who shall refer them to the Membership Committee for its recommendations to Council. The candidates recommended by the Membership Committee shall be forwarded to Council through the Executive Director. Final approval or disapproval of the candidates recommended by the Membership Committee shall require a majority vote of Council. Candidates approved in this manner shall be notified by the Executive Director and shall henceforth be considered members.