Interested in Computational Toxicology? Plan to Join the New SOT Specialty Section!


By David Woolley posted 11-09-2017 13:19


Are you interested in learning about the new Specialty Section for Computational Toxicology? All Society of Toxicology (SOT) members are invited to join the new Computational Toxicology Specialty Section (CTSS) and to attend the first meeting of the CTSS on Tuesday afternoon, March 13, 2018, at the SOT 57th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

The CTSS will provide a forum within SOT where members interested in this emerging field, which is gaining increasing scientific and regulatory acceptance, can share their knowledge and propose new approaches. Computational toxicology provides methods and models for use in all disciplines of toxicology, including regulatory, academic, clinical, and industrial, and will play an increasingly important role in safety evaluation and risk assessment through the use of in silico (computer-based) methodologies to predict potential adverse toxicological features and properties of chemicals.

The mission of the CTSS is to:

  • To serve as the focal point for the interaction of SOT members interested in computational toxicology;
  • To enhance the understanding and acceptance of computational toxicology within the SOT and in the public domain;
  • To foster the evolution of scientifically relevant approaches to and interpretation of toxicological aspects that are unique to computational toxicology;
  • To develop, propose, and conduct a variety of cutting-edge programs and educational activities that emphasize the latest developments and issues in computational toxicology; and
  • To act as a resource to the Society in the area of computational toxicology.

To Join:

  • SOT members can instantly join the section by paying the Specialty Section dues.
  • Non-SOT members must join the Society before they may join a Specialty Section.
  • Student and Postdoctoral Members receive one Specialty Section membership for free.
  • Click here to join the Computational Toxicology Specialty Section.

For further information, please contact David Woolley or Lisa Beilke, members of the CTSS Organizing Committee.