Molecular Biology SS Receives Profits from FutureTox CCT: Opportunity Open to All RC, SIG, and SS


By Clarissa Russell posted 02-27-2013 09:03


The SOT Molecular Biology Specialty Section was involved in the development of the Contemporary Concepts in Toxicology (CCT) meeting, FutureTox: Building the Road for 21st Century Toxicology and Risk Assessment Practices, held October 18–19, 2012, Arlington, Virginia. Because of the success of this meeting, this Specialty Section received a share of the funds to support its activities. Regional Chapter (RC), Special Interest Group (SIG), or Specialty Section (SS) proposals can share 50/50 the profits generated from a CCT meeting. It is a win-win. This profit sharing occurs after the initial seed funds provided by the Society are repaid ($25,000). This cost-sharing policy was developed based on input from the RCs, SSs, and SIGs and a recommendation from the CCT Conferences Committee. SOT Council encourages component groups to increase the number of CCT meetings presented and, thus, to obtain additional resources to help fund their programs and activities.

CCTs provide educational opportunities beyond the SOT Annual Meeting by offering a forum for cutting-edge science to be discussed anywhere in the world.. If multiple RCs, SIGs, or SSs are involved in the meeting coordination, they will divide the available funds evenly among the groups. Sharing in the profits is limited to SOT RC, SIG, and SS and other SOT groups as approved by Council, but is not available to outside organizations that sponsor a CCT. To learn more about CCT meetings and the proposal process, please visit the SOT website. Please feel free to contact any member of the CCT Committee if you would like direct input on the proposal process or if you want to discuss a potential CCT topic.