SOT Members Appointed to US EPA Science Advisory Board and Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee


By Laurie Haws posted 02-21-2019 15:50


On January 31, 2019, the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Office of the Administrator published a news release detailing the new appointees to the US EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB) and four of its subcommittees. According to the release, there were 174 SAB candidates and 240 subcommittee candidates. Several SOT members were among those selected for appointment to the SAB and the Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee (CAAC) within the SAB.

The SAB will comprise 45 members for the upcoming (2019) fiscal year, eight of whom will be reappointed and another eight of whom will be new appointees. SOT member Michael E. Honeycutt, PhD, chairs the SAB. Among the newly appointed individuals are SOT members Barbara D. Beck, PhD, of Gradient; and Hugh A. Barton, PhD, who is an independent consultant.

Dr. Barton also will serve on the CAAC as one of twelve new appointees. He will chair the committee, and SOT members Harvey J. Clewell III, PhD, of Ramboll; Dennis James Paustenbach, PhD, of Cardno ChemRisk; and Ted Simon, PhD, of Ted Simon, LLC, also are new members of the CAAC.

For the full list of appointees—including those appointed to the Agricultural Science Committee, Drinking Water Committee, and Radiation Advisory Committee—see the news release from the US EPA Office of the Administrator.