SOT Headquarters Funding Support Helps Component Groups Meet Their Strategic Objectives


By David Rossé posted 07-26-2013 15:03


Regional Chapters (RC), Specialty Sections (SS), and Special Interest Groups (SIG), collectively known as SOT Component Groups, can request funding in a number of areas to strengthen their efforts. All of these groups can seek funding for webinar development and global initiative funding. SOT members involved in other oganizations may seek Non-SOT Meeting sponsorship or endorsement as well. 

There is a group of funding specifically for Regional Chapters including Speaker Travel Support and Student Travel to RC Annual Meetings as well as Strategic Activities funding that is not limited to meeting-related programs.  Each chapter may request a maximum of $2,000 annually in each of these RC-related categories.

Webinar Development is available to RC, SS, and SIG groups.

A significant portion of the SOT constituencies comes from outside the US. Furthermore, many of the issues and opportunities SOT addresses are global in nature—advancing human health and disease prevention. As part of its strategy to foster its global initiatives, SOT has made available $20,000 to support the efforts of RC, SS, and SIG to develop global initiatives. SOT encourages proposals that (1) represent collaborations between SOT component groups and/or committees, or other non-SOT toxicology organizations (e.g., IUTOX, Japanese Society of Toxicology) and (2) that include a matching funds from one of  the collaboration partner groups. Matching funds are not required, but will greatly increase the competitiveness of the proposal. Each proposal may be funded for up to $4,000.

More information is provided about all of these funding opportunities on the links below.

Proposals should be submitted to the SOT Council Subcommittee for Non-SOT Meetings, Components, and Global Funding for review and approval. Proposals are due on September 1, January 1, April 1, and July 1. All requests for funding in support of any of the above categories must be received at least 3 months in advance of the planned activity. Notification of approval will be provided within 30 days after these due dates. Proposals for each category of activity should be submitted independently. Criteria and guidelines for each category of funding are described on the SOT website. For more information, please contact David Rossé