Secure Endorsements for 2020 Session Proposals


By George Daston posted 04-11-2019 13:31


2020 Annual Meeting Banner - Yellow.png

The deadline to submit Scientific Session proposals for the SOT 59th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is May 15, 2019. SOT Component Groups are willing to review proposals before the deadline, and submitters are encouraged to secure endorsements from the appropriate Specialty Section, Special Interest Group, committee, or other group before submitting their Annual Meeting proposal.

Endorsements strengthen a proposal during review by the Scientific Program Committee or Continuing Education Committee. These committees have found that proposals that have undergone the editing and refinement process with potential endorsers before submission receive higher scores and ranks during the review.

Submitters should reach out to desired endorsers directly with enough time before the submission deadline to ensure sufficient time for review and revision. Each proposal can have up to three endorsing groups (one primary and two secondary). Those submitting proposals can ask any Component Group to endorse a submission; they do not have to be a member of that Component Group to do so.

Each endorsing group has unique internal deadlines that are separate from the established SOT session proposal deadline. Submitters should check with each group individually before the deadline to ensure that their proposal receives the appropriate feedback before submission.

For further information on Scientific Session endorsers or on preparing proposals for submission, please visit the SOT Annual Meeting Proposal Site.