Switching Sails: Career Changes for Toxicology Professionals, Experiences Shared, and Lessons Learned


By Sol Bobst posted 08-30-2018 11:53


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

12:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time

Hosted by: Society of Toxicology Career Resource and Development Committee

Moderated by: Sol Bobst, PhD, DABT and Kathryn Page, PhD

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The average “job” lasts three to five years, and a person may hold more than 10 “jobs” over the course of their career. As scientists, it is common for us to experience changes in jobs or career direction several times, even in specialized scientific fields such as toxicology. Scientists change jobs for a broad range of reasons, including personal growth, the pursuit of new challenges and ideas, “retirement” from one field to transition into another. We also occasionally change jobs for reasons that are out of our control, such as layoffs or unexpected life-changing events. Building on principles of adaptive leadership and anticipating, initiating, and responding to change, this webinar explores the challenges that are often faced during the career life cycle of professional scientists across a wide range of job types and career stages.

Sol Bobst, PhD, DABT (President of ToxSci Advisors LLC) will explore the experience of being laid off, and the resources and options found available through experience, including starting a consulting business. 

Erica Bruce, MS, DPhil (Associate Professor of Environmental Science at Baylor University) will discuss a mid-career transition from consulting to academia and provide strategies and skills for a successful transition.

Ruth Roberts, PhD, ERT, ATS, FRSB, FBTS, FRCPath (Director and Co-Founder of Apconix Ltd.) will provide insight on the development of a portfolio career and her transition from a global pharmaceutical company to building a successful start-up company from the ground up.

Laura Plunkett, PhD, DABT (Owner of Integrative Biostrategies, LLC) will discuss overcoming the challenges of “two-career” households and how to leverage skills and experience from one career to achieve a successful transition into another. 

These presentations will be followed by a moderated panel discussion where these experts will answer attendee questions to provide more in-depth perspectives that will help ensure that you are prepared to sail to success with the winds of change.

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