GSLCorner: Contribute to the Rising Star Annual Fund Today and Take Advantage of Career Advancement Opportunities!


By Giovanna Pozuelos posted 11-01-2018 13:17


The Rising Star Annual Fund established in 2018 by the Endowment Fund Board is intended to support the career development needs of Society of Toxicology (SOT) graduate students and postdoctoral scholars collectively. Every year the funds will be used to achieve specific, peer-identified objectives and to promote engagement of students and postdoctoral scholars in the Society. It also gives trainees an opportunity to demonstrate that modest, meaningful contributions can result in tangible benefits for everyone!

This year Rising Star Annual Fund collected through December 2018 will be used to buy year-long subscription seats to the American Association of the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Online Career Preparation Course Catalog (March 2019–2020).

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars collectively will have access to a variety of career development courses designed by industry experts that aim to help early career STEM professionals. Programs available through AAAS include the Career Pathways Program: Learning Beyond Grad School, Proposal Writing Program: Writing Successful Grant Proposals, and the Science Communication Program among others. Additional courses also include Designing an Undergraduate STEM Course and How to Find the Right Mentor in Your Career for Engineers and Scientists course and many more! Upon completion of the courses, a certificate of completion will automatically be issued, which can be added to your resume. Furthermore, AAAS also offers access to sample resumes, cover letters, and job postings!

We are seeking donations from the postdoc and student members through December 31, 2018, and suggest a $20 donation or other amounts, as you are able. For our goal of $3,000, we are seeking 150 donations from graduate students and postdoctoral scholars collectively.

The Rising Star Annual Fund allows us to come together each year and fund resources for our community that would otherwise cost more on our own.

Help make the Rising Star Campaign a success by contributing today! Please login by visiting the SOT website.

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You can donate online or download the donation form to make a gift to the Rising Star 2018-2019 Annual Fund!