Dr Maureen Gwinn, PhD, DABT, ATS

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Dr. Maureen Gwinn is currently the Director of the Biomolecular and Computational Toxicology Division (BCTD) within the Center for Computational Toxicology Exposure (CCTE) in the Office of Research and Development (ORD) at the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).  Previously, Dr. Gwinn was a Senior Science Advisor in the National Center for Computational Toxicology (NCCT) in ORD focusing on research translation of alternative toxicity testing, particularly as it relates to hazard characterization and risk assessment for regulatory decision-making. Previously, Dr. Gwinn worked in the National Center for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) in ORD, where she worked on human health hazard assessments for the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) program. Dr. Gwinn has been a member of the Society of Toxicology since 2005, and has served in many nominated and elected capacities, including on the Education Committee. Dr. Gwinn earned her BS degree in Biology at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine in 1994 and her MS and PhD in Oral Biology at the State University of New York in Buffalo, New York in 1997 and 2001, respectively.  Dr. Gwinn became a diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology in 2007 and was nominated to the Academy of Toxicological Sciences in 2014. 

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