Dr Brittany Baisch, PhD, DABT

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I am the Regulatory Toxicology Lead for an agrochemical start-up company, Enko Chem. I am screening promising chemistries to gauge their registerability as the next blockbuster in crop protection. I am involved in many SOT component groups, even since my days as a graduate student at the University of Rochester. Prior to working at Enko Chem, I was a toxicologist in the CPG industry for Henkel, Sun Products Corporation, and Kraft Foods. I am passionate about building meaningful partnerships and relationships with other toxicologists. Doing great science is of paramount importance, but I am a firm believer in also working with great people. Both are important for moving forward groundbreaking science! In my time away from work, I prioritize spending time with my family and volunteering for the CT State Colleges & Universities Foundation!

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