Dr James Luyendyk, PhD

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Dr. Luyendyk is the Albert and Lois Dehn Endowed Chair and Professor in Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation and member of the Institute for Integrative Toxicology at Michigan State University. Dr. Luyendyk has held 15 years of uninterrupted support from the NIH for his research focused on mechanisms linking components of the hemostatic system with hepatotoxicity and liver repair/regeneration. He is a prior recipient of the NIEHS Outstanding New Environmental Scientist Award. Dr. Luyendyk has published more than 130 peer-reviewed manuscripts, co-edited the Hepatic Toxicity volume of Comprehensive Toxicology, and co-authored the liver chapter of Casarett & Doull's Toxicology. He has served on the editorial board of Toxicological Sciences and as a standing member on the Xenobiotic and Nutrient Disposition and Action Study Section, including as Chairperson. Dr. Luyendyk is a Fellow of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences and has been a meaningfully engaged member of the SOT for more than 20 years.

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