Dr Lauren Walker, PhD

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I am a passionate multidisciplinary scientist and science communicator over 10 years of research experience spanning Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biochemistry, Toxicology, Immunology, and Developmental Biology. I have continuously studied the impact of priority environmental pollutants on biochemical targets in cells and have extensive experience in mammalian cell culture and in vitro analytical approaches. My career interests are biomarker discovery, biotherapeutics, and risk assessment.

I have independently led collaborative research teams and applied my project management skills to keep projects on time, on budget, and meeting each endeavor's unique objectives. My diverse experience gives me the ability to resolve and convey science problems from a variety of approaches. I consistently look for innovative ways to optimize projects and streamline communication between all project stakeholders.

My proven ability to solve problems, optimize progress report dissemination, and build rapport with my teammates gives me the confidence and drive to take on any task and deliver it to a successful completion.
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