Dr Sarah Carratt, PhD, DABT

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Dr. Sarah Carratt is currently a Senior Scientist at Seagen and board-certified toxicologist. Her primary function at Seagen is to served as a project toxicologist and develop nonclinical safety strategies for novel targets and therapeutic candidates.

Dr. Carratt earned her PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of California, Davis under the mentorship of Dr. Laura Van Winkle, a respiratory toxicologist. As a graduate student, she worked on large toxicity studies and investigated the mechanisms of chemical carcinogenesis.
To complement her toxicology training and augment her existing research experience in mechanisms of carcinogenesis, Dr. Carratt chose to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship studying leukemia biology at Oregon Health & Science University with Drs. Julia Maxson and Brian Druker. 

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