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Bird's-Eye View of Accepting Uncertainty in the 21st Century

The topic of uncertainty could easily be one of the most controversial yet relevant conversations in the field of toxicology currently. The 2018 Continuing Education course entitled “Uncertainty Characterization in 21st-Century Toxicology: Current Practice and Practical Methods Supporting...

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Biotherapeutic Development: Lessons Learned and Future Considerations to Solve the Conundrum

Recent years have seen an increasing surge in the development of novel biotherapeutics. Preclinical safety evaluation plays a crucial role in drug development and the highly diverse modalities and complexity of biotherapeutics poses several development challenges, such as identifying relevant...

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Discovering CRISPR-Cas9 Applications for Toxicologists

The "CRISPR-Cas9 for Toxicologists" sunrise Continuing Education course was comprised of two lectures, one being on the structure and function of CRISPR and second on its applications in toxicology. Both talks were stupendously organized and informative. The graphs, cartoons, and videos...

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Be Part of the SOT 2018 Continuing Education Program: Proposals Due May 15

Submitted by Rhiannon Hardwick, SOT CE Committee Member The Continuing Education (CE) Committee is looking forward to receiving your CE course proposals for the 2018 SOT Annual Meeting and is happy to provide feedback in the planning process! The deadline has been extended for CE course...