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Trying to Improve Predictions of Adverse Cardiovascular Event Potential Early in Drug Development

The “Cardiovascular Effects Are Still Causing Late Attrition of Novel Therapeutics: Developing Solutions to Detect and Avoid Cardiovascular Toxicity in the Clinic” Scientific Session during the 2018 Annual Meeting and ToxExpo provided a comprehensive overview of the various tools available to...

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SOT CVTSS Webinar: Insidious Cardiotoxicity, February 16

Submitted by James Wagner, President, CVTSS In collaboration with Battelle, the Cardiovascular Toxicology Specialty Section (CVTSS) Executive Committee is pleased to present a webinar entitled “Insidious Cardiotoxicity: Ubiquitous and Important, but Difficult and Expensive to Predict!” that...

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Comparing Biofuel Toxicity to that of Conventional Fuels

With biofuels, such as ethanol-gasoline blends and biodiesel, being used on a wider scale globally, there is a range of implications related to their use. These issues were discussed during the session titled “ Are Biofuels More or Less Toxic Than Conventional Fuels and What Are the Implications...