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National Postdoc Appreciation Week: Message from the Postdoctoral Assembly Executive Board

Gabriel Knudsen, PhD, 2016‒2017 PDA Chair Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s National Postdoc Appreciation Week. Whether it was in the Society of Toxicology Postdoctoral Assembly (SOT PDA) Fall Career Webinar or in an event at your institution, we hope that SOT postdocs...

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National Postdoc Appreciation Week: Congratulations to All SOT Postdoc Award Recipients

In honor of National Postdoc Appreciation Week, the Postdoctoral Assembly would like to recognize the following postdoctoral scholars awarded by their Regional Chapter, Specialty Section, or Special Interest Group during the 2016 SOT Annual Meeting. Congratulations to all these award recipients...

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What Do Changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act Mean for Postdocs?

This article was requested by the Society of Toxicology Postdoctoral Assembly (SOT PDA) Executive Board in honor of National Postdoc Appreciation Week. The author Katherine A. Duggan, M.Ed. is the Postdoctoral Program and Data Coordinator in the Division of Biology and Medicine at Brown...

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National Postdoc Appreciation Week September 19-23

The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) created National Postdoc Appreciation Week to recognize postdocs and their many accomplishments. While many groups of postdocs located in academic institutions, industry, or government hold events such as symposia or social gatherings, the SOT...

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National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week-I've Got a PhD! Now What?

Postdoctoral Representative, Medical Devices and Combination Product Specialty Section, Toxicologist, Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson In addition to finishing off experiments, crunching data, and writing my dissertation, one of the most stressful parts of wrapping up my PhD was madly applying...

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Finding Funding Webinar and Blogs Celebrate Postdoc Appreciation Week

The SOT Postdoctoral Assembly (PDA) Board celebrated the work of its members September 17–21, 2012, in conjunction with National Postdoc Appreciation Week. SOT PDA published the following blog posts: Doing What’s Right Even if No One’s Watching by Alicia Timme-Laragy, a postdoctoral...

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Next Step: Private Industry?—National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week

This is the third blog in the SOT Postdoctoral Assembly series celebrating National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week. Betina J. Lew is a Scientist-Toxicologist for the Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs division of Procter and Gamble (P&G) in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a native of São...