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SOT 2019–2023 Strategic Plan: Year One Objectives

Guided by the Society’s mission and purpose, the recently developed 2019–2023 Strategic Plan is in full effect, with action underway toward achieving the plan’s Central Challenge: to strengthen SOT’s impact on science and public/environmental health. Council identified six Strategic...

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SOT Regional Chapters: From 1981 to Today

The SOT Component Groups—Regional Chapters, Specialty Sections, and Special Interest Groups—continue to contribute to the Society’s mission by serving micro-communities of members with specialized areas of interest within the larger SOT membership. Among these Component Groups are the 18...

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The Value of Professional Association Membership

There are more than 60,000 trade and professional associations in the United States alone (The Power of A 2019), representing a multitude of employment sectors, industries, and careers. While individual reasons for joining an association may vary from person to person, research has found that...

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Giving Back to Support Diversity Initiatives and Enhance the Society

The SOT Council and the Endowment Fund Board greatly appreciate the financial and other contributions made by the membership. Congratulations to Dan and Pat Acosta for their dedication to the Society and for achieving Visionary status through their financial support of endowed funds that provide...

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Take Up the Challenges of the Future

The SOT Council and the Endowment Fund Board greatly appreciate the financial and other contributions made by the membership. Congratulations to Bruce A. Fowler, PhD, ATS, for his dedication to the Society and for achieving “Visionary” status through his financial support of endowed funds that...

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Global Senior Scholar Exchange Facilitates Toxicology Research around the World

“The Global Senior Scholar Exchange Program (GSSEP) was the first step through which my university began to recognize me and the toxicology field,” says Mohamed Salama, MD, PhD, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt, a 2013 GSSEP Scholar. “This gave me credit to suggest new initiatives that led...

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Paths Forward: Regional Chapter Programs Attracting Undergraduate Students to Toxicology

How does one discover toxicology and, therefore, decide to be a toxicologist, as opposed to a biologist, chemist, or physicist? Are we influenced by the courses many of us take in our pre-university education? I was lucky: My mother was a science teacher, and my father was an engineer for a...

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SOT Announces the 2018 Award Recipients

Through its awards, SOT recognizes more than two dozen groundbreaking scientists, emerging leaders, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students who are advancing the science of toxicology. The 2018 honorees represent various disciplines, which all factor into toxicological research. Beyond...

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Receiving a Peek into Toxicology: How a Pfizer SOT Undergraduate Travel Award Changed My Career Trajectory

In March 2006, I entered the San Diego Convention Center to attend my first SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo and would experience many other “firsts” throughout the week. I was a senior biology major at Texas A&M University, and one of five students selected to receive the inaugural Pfizer SOT...