SOT Launches Adverse Reactions Podcast


By Cynthia Rider posted 04-22-2021 14:12


As part of the Society’s ongoing strategic initiatives aimed at diversifying SOT communications to its members and increasing the public’s exposure to toxicology (see what I did there?), SOT Council is pleased to announce the launch of the Adverse Reactions podcast with the release today of the introductory episode, “Capturing Adverse Reactions.”

Hosted by SOT members Anne Chappelle (former SOT Council member and aspiring extrovert) and David Faulkner (voted most likely to start his own podcast), Adverse Reactions is an interview podcast bringing you the people and stories behind the science of how biological, physical, and chemical agents may cause adverse reactions to public, animal, and environmental health.

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The first season of Adverse Reactions will consist of six episodes, excluding the introductory episode, released weekly on Thursdays. The guests and topics for the first season are:

  • “The United States of Toxicity,” featuring SOT Past President Linda Birnbaum, NIEHS
  • “DNA Isn’t Destiny, So What Is?” featuring 2021 SOT Leading Edge in Basic Science Award recipient Dana C. Dolinoy, University of Michigan School of Public Health
  • “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Dataset: The Exposome,” featuring SOT Toxicologists of African Origin Special Interest Group Past President Darryl B. Hood, Ohio State University College of Public Health
  • “More Than a Color Scheme: The Future of Toxicology in Green Chemistry,” featuring co-founder of the SOT Sustainable Chemicals through Contemporary Toxicology Specialty Section Margaret “Meg” Whittaker, ToxServices LLC
  • “All the Tox That’s Fit to Print . . . or Present . . . or Blog,” featuring ToxSci Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey M. Peters, Pennsylvania State University
  • “To Breathe a Little Easier and Why the Lungs Are the Sexiest Organ,” featuring SOT 25-Year Member Ilona Jaspers, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Subscribe to Adverse Reactions today by visiting the podcast’s website or wherever you get your podcasts (note: the podcast may take a few days to appear on all podcast platforms).

Note that the viewpoints and information presented in Adverse Reactions represent those of the participating individuals. Although the Society of Toxicology holds the copyright to the production, it does not vet or review the information presented, nor does presenting and distributing the Adverse Reactions podcast represent any proposal or endorsement of any position by the Society.


04-23-2021 11:14

Yes, Laurie, we are working on getting it up on Apple! Thank you for the feedback, Maria! We hope you enjoy all of the episodes.

04-23-2021 08:43

It's not on Apple Podcasts yet - I assume we'll be able to find it there?

04-22-2021 19:16

Excellent idea. And also, very very comfortable and attractive pace to watch. Thank you!!