A Reminder of the SOT Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct as We Return to In-Person Events

By Dori Germolec posted 04-21-2022 14:04


Being able to meet and discuss our science in person for the first time in three years was an immensely rewarding and valuable experience. We received many positive and enthusiastic reports related to people’s Annual Meeting experiences and are looking forward to convening as an in-person community again soon—reminder that FutureTox V will be held at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on May 10 and May 11, 2022.

After such a long time away, it was only natural that our social and presentation skills would be a little rusty, but overall, the presentations and interactions were of a quality associated with and expected of an SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. However, we witnessed and were informed of some situations in which attendees did not uphold the Society’s values and principles, so I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the SOT policies and procedures.

  • Upon becoming SOT members, individuals are expected to abide by the Society’s Code of Ethics, which includes a commitment to “conduct their work with objectivity and themselves with integrity.” Visit the “About SOT” section of the website for the full “Code of Ethics” language.
  • Upon registering for or agreeing to participate in an SOT event, individuals are agreeing to the SOT “Code of Conduct,” which opens with the following language: “The Society of Toxicology is committed to providing a safe and productive environment for all of its meetings; one that fosters open dialogue, the free exchange of scientific ideas, the promotion of equal opportunity, and is free of any sort of harassment, coercion, and discrimination.” Again, the full “Code of Conduct” language, including the procedure for reporting harassment, is available in the “About SOT” section of the website.

Also, we understand that scientific advances often engender controversy; differences in interpretation and opinions about the level of certainty about conclusions is expected. However, we expect criticism to be constructive and offered in a civil manner. Active, polite discussion is encouraged, but behavior intended to shut someone down is not tolerated.

Thank you to those who observed, stopped, and reported behavior that was not in line with the Society’s standards and expectations. Your support of your fellow members and attendees affirms that SOT is a community that fosters a welcoming and safe environment for all.

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