Request Virtual Meeting Space for Ancillary Events during the Virtual Annual Meeting


By George Daston posted 6 days ago


SOT is pleased to offer special meeting spaces as part of the Virtual 2021 Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. These spaces will allow organizations to host video- and chat-enabled social functions, meetings, presentations, or other activities for SOT meeting attendees.

Ancillary Meetings are available in 2021, but in an exciting new format—all Ancillary Meetings will utilize reserved Zoom rooms accessible from the SOT Virtual Meeting Platform. Only SOT Global Partners, exhibitors, Supporters, universities, or organizations otherwise associated with SOT may host ancillary functions during the Virtual SOT Annual Meeting. These events must be approved by SOT Headquarters and may not take place outside the reserved time slots designated by SOT. As in years past, Ancillary Meeting hosts can select to have their event listed publicly for all attendees or may issue invitations privately.

The deadline to request Ancillary Meeting space is February 26, 2021.

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