Chidozie J. Amuzie Elected as SOT Councilor

By James Luyendyk posted 03-02-2023 02:30 PM


Chidozie “Dozie” J. Amuzie, DVM, PhD, DACVP, DABT, has been elected by the SOT voting members as an SOT Councilor.

Dr. Amuzie is the Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he is responsible for external engagement, innovation sourcing, new company onboarding, educational programming, and portfolio management. He is trained, board-certified, and experienced in comparative pathology and toxicological sciences.

Before his current role, Dr. Amuzie was with Janssen Research & Development, where he was a nonclinical safety representative on projects and led the North American Discovery and Project Pathology organization. Dr. Amuzie is a modality-agnostic safety assessment leader and had the privilege to work with teams that drove discovery or acquisition of several biopharmaceutical entities across 10 modalities from early discovery through clinical development and some regulatory approvals. His scientific leadership has helped shape strategies for safety assessment of some novel modalities at Janssen.

Prior to joining Janssen, Dr. Amuzie was the Associate Director of Pathology at MPI Research, where he spent about five years in various pathology roles on diverse nonclinical safety assessment studies. He also provided scientific leadership for the biomarker and investigative pathology unit.

Dr. Amuzie has authored or coauthored six book chapters and 22 peer-reviewed manuscripts in different areas of immunotoxicology, pathobiology, and animal models of disease. He was a guest editor for a 2022 Toxicologic Pathology journal special issue that created practical knowledge on the pathology of laboratory nonhuman primates.

An SOT member since 2004, Dr. Amuzie was previously elected to the SOT Membership and Nominating Committees and served as the President of the former SOT Toxicologic and Exploratory Pathology Specialty Section.

Goals for SOT

My broad experience from previous service with different SOT Committees and groups has given me a foundation to support the Council to drive the execution of SOT strategic priorities in a dynamic global environment. I will work to assure that the execution and evolution of SOT strategic priorities continues to rely on the ingenuity and contributions of our members globally. I will work to protect and improve on the excellent SOT systems that supported my career development from the time that I joined as a student member. The SOT strategic priorities aim to build capabilities and effectiveness for the membership and to increase the Society’s influence and prominence across disciplines and geographies.

My current view of service to SOT was developed from serving with elected Committees, Specialty Sections, Regional Chapters, and Special Interest Groups across countries but needs to be broader. If elected, I will serve with a broader view of SOT members’ needs by acquiring the institutional knowledge that currently drives Council actions and decisions. As a Council member, I will commit to continuous learning from our members through active listening to assure that feedback and creativity from a broader talent pool continues to shape SOT service to our diverse and global internal and external disciplinary and demographic stakeholders.