Join the SOT Mentor Match Program Today!

By Kimberly Hodge-Bell posted 11-16-2023 12:02


Recognizing the importance of mentoring in scientific and professional development, the SOT Education Career and Development Committee oversees SOT Mentor Match, an exclusive benefit to SOT members. The objective of this program is to provide a service that matches mentees with potential mentors from the SOT membership to provide advice on career path selection and success and life/work balance issues.

What is the SOT Mentor Match Program?

An online tool where SOT members can sign up and look for a Mentor or volunteer to be a Mentor. It includes a searchable database to help find potential Mentors whose experience and expertise match areas in which you wish to be mentored. Likewise, registered Mentors can search for and identify potential Mentees.

How are Mentors and Mentees matched?

Before enrolling in the program or searching for a connection, update your ToXchange profile, ensuring that all categories are complete, and the information is accurate.

Members must first enroll as a Mentor, Mentee, or both. During the enrollment process, members will select preferences for various demographics (including “Mentoring Venue” and “Mentoring Topics”) to establish their criteria.

Once registered, Mentees and Mentors can search and click on the names of potential Mentors or Mentees and view their profiles. If interested, click on the badge symbol and an email will be sent to the respective individual, who can choose to accept or decline the request.

For more information, please visit the SOT Mentor Match section of ToXchange.