Seeking Contestants: Tox ShowDown at the 2022 SOT Annual Meeting


By Philip Wexler posted 10-28-2021 15:23

Tox ShowDown

It’s that time again. SOT is gearing up for the 10th (can you believe it?) annual Tox ShowDown, the toxicological quiz game par excellence where members test wits against members. The Tox ShowDown will take place during the 2022 SOT Annual Meeting on Tuesday, March 29, from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Grab your moment of fame—volunteer as a contestant!

Three teams of three players each—the Endocrine Disruptors, the Free Radicals, and the Toxic Metabolites—battle each other to answer questions wholly, partly, or remotely related to toxicology. Topics run the gamut, including the eye-opening roles of toxicology in history, current events, arts, culture, and society—not to mention science. This coming year’s distinguished judge will be Judy Zelikoff.

Even if you had to retake molecular genetics three times in graduate school, don’t know the difference between metabolomics and macroeconomics, or can’t prevent your zebrafish from escaping from their tanks, you can be a star in the ShowDown. Studies have shown that research grant committees, prospective employers, and scientific award panels put greater stock in ShowDown contestant participation than education, work experience, publications, or other honors combined. And if you believe that one, we’ve got a bridge to sell you.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, and you’re guaranteed to have a blast, so give it a shot. We are an equal opportunity shop, and everyone is welcome to apply, although we prefer contestants who haven’t participated in a ShowDown before. And think of it: you won’t have to endure any scrutiny to qualify. We’re looking for nine contestants and two or three alternates.

There’s no time to lose, so sign up online (log in to ToXchange first) or express interest in participating to Phil Wexler, Tox ShowDown Chair, by email.