Making Connections: Developing Scientific Signs for ASL and Celebrating Diverse Names in Science


By Suzanne Fitzpatrick posted 08-12-2021 14:35


As part of the SOT commitment to supporting diversity and inclusiveness, as well as to help promote dialogue and understanding, the Society presents this recurring blog series, dubbed “Making Connections.” This series contains summaries of articles, reports, and other resources that offer professional development insights and capture the state of the larger scientific community in relation to topics such as diversity, inclusion, support for early career researchers, and more.

“Expanding American Sign Language’s Scientific Vocabulary”

A C&EN article discusses the challenges deaf students face because of the limited scientific vocabulary in American Sign Language and details a project underway at the Rochester Institute of Technology to develop scientific signs to expand inclusiveness for deaf students.

“Embrace and Celebrate Diverse Names in Science”

Ilinca Ioana Ciubotariu discusses her experience with individuals mispronouncing her name throughout her career in a Nature Career Column and provides tips on what to do to reduce the mispronunciation of your name and the names of others.