The Endowment Funded Awards... And the Award Goes To


By Matthew Bogdanffy posted 09-19-2016 15:25



Matthew S. Bogdanffy, PhD, DABT, ATS, Chair, SOT Endowment Fund Board

The 2016 Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting was a huge success, not just because of the stellar science and excellent venue, but also because of the number of awards supported by the SOT Endowment Fund. This year 75 awards were given to  undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and distinguished scientists. Exemplifying the SOT commitment to global outreach and diversity, the awardees included academic and government scientists from the USA, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, South Korea, and India.

The Endowment Funds continue to provide great opportunities for many young and established toxicologists. Dr. Sridhar Jaligama of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, recipient of the Gabriel L. Plaa Education Award, said “I regard this as my greatest personal achievement so far. This award will bring a great amount of recognition to my work among my peers in the field of toxicology. Such recognition will provide motivation to pursue new avenues in research and also bring me a step closer to achieving my career goals.”

Contributors to the SOT Endowment Funds feel proud of their philanthropy when they hear about the significant impact their donations can make. This year’s recipient of the Toxicologists of African Origin Award, Dr. Motunrayo Akande, remarked “The award is a source of motivation to intensify my research efforts geared towards the amelioration of organophosphate and heavy metal toxicities with the use of functional amino acids in biological systems.” 

If you are not already a regular contributor to the SOT Endowment Funds, please consider joining the more than 700 contributors. Visit the SOT Endowment Fund website to learn more about the recent Endowment Fund Award Recipients, about the Fund itself, and ways you can contribute. 

Nominations for awards supported by the Endowment Fund are being accepted now—please consider submitting a nomination.