Dr Logeswari Ponnusamy, DVM, MVSc, PhD

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I am a Veterinarian trained in Toxicology and currently, a Regulatory Toxicologist in Veterinary Medicine R&D at Zoetis Animal Health. As a SME, I develop regulatory toxicology strategy for
veterinary drug development and perform risk assessments for active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, impurity qualification etc. Have authored several scientific publications/book chapters and garnered several awards. Have been contributing to toxicology community as a peer-reviewer for scientific journals and engaged in science/toxicology outreach and diversity initiatives.

Member of the SOT since 2013 and have served on several leadership and professional services roles; currently the VP-Elect for the Food Safety SS (FSSS) and member of the SOT Awards committee.  Also, a member of the ACT and serve on the ACT- Outreach Committee and Social Media Sub Committee focused on toxicology outreach.

Goals for SOT: I am passionate about finding ways for toxicology societies to engage with members, foster membership development and be part of the toxicology scientists’ professional journey. 
Leadership services within SOT and ACT have offered me valuable insights to different facets of the toxicology community on which I hope to expand further. As a member of the SOT Awards Committee and the VP-Elect of the FSSS, I promote scientific excellence, champion for global membership and work towards SOT’s mission on identifying and recognizing members for their achievement and professional development. In addition, continue contribute to the Society’s impact on its members, science, and public engagement.
Member Since 2013