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I am an American board certified (DABT) toxicologist. My background is in regulatory and pharmaceutical toxicology, and I hold ten (10) years of cumulative experience. In my capacity as the toxicologist supporting Curia Global's Albany, New York site, I research literature and assign occupational exposure bands (OEBs) for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates and hazardous chemicals. I have extensive experience searching scientific and toxicological databases for relevant publications. In my work, I evaluate the acceptable limits of exposure to hazardous materials. I employ in silico approaches and methodologies to predict chemical hazards. I am proficient in select QSAR softwares (e.g. DEREK Nexus, OECD Toolbox, Osiris). In line with business goals, I accurately scope, manage and prioritize multiple projects. I am a proactive, cooperative team player with experience reaching goals through strategic planning.

Before joining Curia Global, I was an environment specialist working for the Nigerian Government. I checked to see if environmental working documents from the food, base metal, iron and steel, and non-metallic mineral sectors were compliant with Nigerian environmental laws. These documents included Environmental Audit Reports (EARs) and Environmental Management Plans (EMPs), permit applications, effluent monitoring reports, and other toxicological study data. I took part in compliance monitoring exercises and field inspections. I also wrote comprehensive expert reports regarding these exercises and for use in court proceedings pertaining to sanctions, fines, and offenses committed by facilities.

I hold an MSc. in Environmental Toxicology from Texas Tech University. I am skilled in a variety of laboratory procedures, including western blots, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and cell culture.

I have a strong desire to use my knowledge and expertise to promote the development of safe and effective therapeutics. My immediate objectives are to support businesses with risk assessment, occupational exposure banding, product safety, and regulatory compliance. 

I love travelling but I am aerophobic.

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