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Pedro L. Del Valle, Joshua P. Gray, Dinah Lee Misner, and Logeswari Ponnusamy Are Elected as 2021–2023 Awards Committee Members

SOT is pleased to announce the four newly elected members of the Awards Committee, which is charged with reviewing all suggestions and recommendations as to the awards it has been designated by Council to confer and selecting the recipient or recipients for each award. Pedro L. Del Valle...

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SOT Welcomes a New Honorary Member, Thomas A. Burke

Thomas A. Burke, PhD Thomas A. Burke, PhD, is the Jacob I. and Irene B. Fabrikant Professor and Chair in Health Risk and Society in the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of Health Policy and Management. He holds joint appointments in the Department of...

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Congratulations to the 2021 SOT Supported Award Recipients

The Society is grateful to the Colgate-Palmolive Company and Syngenta for their longtime support of awards that facilitate research by SOT members. The recipients of the 2021 Supported Awards will be recognized during the Virtual 2021 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. Aditya Bhalerao,...

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SOT Congratulates New 25-Year (or More) Members

SOT congratulates our new 25-year (or more) members for 2021! It is my distinct honor to congratulate the Society’s new 25-, 30-, 35-, 40-, 45-, and 50+-year members for their commitment and contributions to SOT as valued members for 25 or more years. Congratulations on reaching this...

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Remembering Benjamin A. Jackson

This in memoriam was authored by Dr. Claude McGowan, with input and guidance from Drs. Benita Jackson-Smoot, Stuart Graham, and Sid Green. On January 4, 2021, Dr. Benjamin A. Jackson of Silver Spring, Maryland, passed away at the age of 91 after a brief illness. Born in Hillburn, New York, on...

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Antonio T. Baines and Robyn Leigh Tanguay Are Elected 2021–2022 SOT Councilors

Antonio T. Baines, PhD Antonio T. Baines, PhD, has been elected 2021–2022 SOT Councilor. Dr. Baines is an Associate Professor at North Carolina Central University and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a cancer biologist. Dr. Baines...

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Rogene Henderson Receives the 2021 SOT Merit Award

Rogene Henderson, PhD, DABT Rogene Henderson, PhD, DABT, has received the 2021 SOT Merit Award for her contributions to the science of toxicology, the regulation of pollutants, and the training and career development of many toxicologists over a career that has spanned almost six decades....

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Dori R. Germolec Is Elected 2021–2022 SOT Vice President-Elect

Dori R. Germolec, PhD, has been elected 2021–2022 SOT Vice President-Elect. Dr. Germolec currently serves as the Immunology discipline leader for the National Toxicology Program (NTP) and oversees the efforts of the NTP to design, interpret, and report studies that assess the potential for...

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James P. Luyendyk Is Elected 2021–2022 SOT Secretary-Elect

James P. Luyendyk, PhD, has been elected as 2021–2022 SOT Secretary-Elect. Dr. Luyendyk is professor of Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation and member of the Institute for Integrative Toxicology at Michigan State University. His research focuses on defining the mechanisms linking...

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Dana C. Dolinoy Receives the 2021 SOT Leading Edge in Basic Science Award

Dana C. Dolinoy, PhD Dana C. Dolinoy, PhD, has received the 2021 SOT Leading Edge in Basic Science Award for her work in environmental epigenetics and the resulting effect of her research on toxicology and public health. Dr. Dolinoy received her PhD in genetics and genomics and...