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President’s Message: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Dear Colleagues: It’s been a little more than a year since the start of the pandemic and almost a year since I assumed the duties of SOT President. It’s been a year like no other for all of us. We have all had to adapt to working and interacting remotely. Mundane tasks that we never thought...

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President’s Message: A Word from the SOT President during Uncertain Times

Dear Friends and Colleagues: These are unsettling times. Much of the world has started to slowly emerge from the shadow of a global pandemic that has taxed our medical, scientific, national, and local communities, disproportionality so for our friends, family, and colleagues of black or Latino...

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President's Message: Pilot Programs for the Annual Meeting and Other Strategic Plan Updates

As I am sure any of the SOT Past Presidents will confirm, your year as President of this extraordinary society goes by all too quickly. In this, my last message to you as President, I thought it might be worthwhile to briefly highlight some of the accomplishments your leadership team has...

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President's Message: Accomplishing Objectives to Transform the Society and Build Upon Success

Last year, SOT Council spent considerable effort developing a 2019–2023 Strategic Plan for the Society. The plan was developed based on extensive input from our membership and was designed to achieve a vision to strengthen SOT’s impact on science and public/environmental health. Four Strategic...

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President's Message: Implementing Changes to Enhance the Society

I am honored that you have given me this opportunity to serve as your President. In this, my first Communiqué message, I would like to take a moment to reflect on our Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, but then look to the future and provide an update on the Society’s new Strategic Plan ....

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President's Message: Networking, Mentoring, and Other Activities

When you think back to your time as a graduate student, you probably remember your advisor taking opportunities to introduce you to professionals that he or she knew or providing you opportunities to meet people you might not otherwise get a chance to meet. But when you got those opportunities...