Invitation to Attend the American College of Toxicology 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting


By Myrtle Davis posted 10-21-2021 11:50


This blog is being shared as part of a blog exchange between the American College of Toxicology and SOT.

The American College of Toxicology (ACT) would like to invite all SOT members to join us online November 10–19, 2021, for the virtual ACT 42nd Annual Meeting. Registration is now open! This gathering brings together a community of toxicologists in an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas, professional networking, and continuing education. The Annual Meeting will include a wide-ranging scientific program with distinguished plenary speakers, Symposia and Workshops, Continuing Education courses, a Poster Viewing Session, “Talking Tox” webinars (Exhibitor-Hosted Webinars), and professional networking events. The scientific content will be available on demand until February 15, 2022.

Scientific Plenaries, Symposia, and Workshops

The ACT Annual Meeting program includes two Plenary Sessions and 18 Symposium Sessions that will be of interest to SOT members, including sessions on:

  • Emerging concepts in immune responses to foods and development of allergy
  • Antibody-dependent enhancement risks for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies
  • Safety packages for immuno-oncology therapeutics
  • Reproductive toxicity testing for biotherapeutics
  • Preclinical development of gene therapies
  • Dermal toxicology
  • Unlocking the potential of SEND
  • Safety assessment of novel excipients
  • Antibody-dependent enhancement of disease
  • Nitrosamines in drugs and foods
  • Safety considerations for medical devices
  • Transcriptional biomarkers and in vitro models in pharmaceutical development

All sessions will be available live and on-demand.

Continuing Education Courses

Six Continuing Education courses are being offered in 2021, and all courses are available live and on-demand.

The courses to be offered in 2021 explore:

  • Microbiome and drug development
  • Successful regulatory authoring to avoid pharmaceutical development delays
  • Conventional and nonconventional drug-drug interactions
  • Designing nonclinical study programs for ocular therapeutics
  • The pre- and post-natal development study in the rodent post–ICH S5(R3) Guideline revision
  • Antibody drug conjugates as cancer therapies

More Science and Networking!

The ACT Annual Meeting also includes our virtual Poster Viewing Session with video and chat features, Talking Tox webinars presented by our exhibitors, welcome and closing networking receptions, special events geared specifically toward early career professionals, and our Awards Ceremony.

We hope you will join us in November. Registration will remain open throughout the meeting and throughout the on-demand window, until February 15, 2022.