A Message from the PDA Chair during National Postdoc Appreciation Week

By Sarah Carratt posted 09-24-2020 16:31


On behalf of the SOT Postdoctoral Assembly (PDA), I would like to thank everyone who participated in the this year’s National Postdoc Appreciation Week. Whether it was through SOT, the National Postdoctoral Association, or your institution, we hope that SOT postdocs and their colleagues nationwide had an opportunity to celebrate. You all deserve recognition for the work you do and the path you have chosen.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the Fall 2020 Post-y or the article distributed in this week’s Communiqué blog in postdoc caregivers, I highly recommend these articles. Your fellow postdocs have written deeply personal reflections of their postdoctoral experiences, and we are happy to have been able to provide them a platform for their voices to be heard. If YOU are interested in contributing an article to a future PDA publication, please feel free to contact us. We are interested in celebrating the experiences of the SOT postdoctoral community all year round!

The PDA was created to identify and meet the needs of SOT postdocs. All SOT members who are postdoctoral scholars are a part of the PDA, which is led by elected PDA Board members. Through establishing communication with postdoc members, forming long-term collaborations with other SOT Committees, and promoting recruitment and transition to careers, the PDA Board formulates and implements programs of interest to its members and those in fields intersecting with toxicology. We are excited during this time of planning for the PDA-hosted programs that will take place during the upcoming Virtual 2021 SOT Annual Meeting. Stay tuned over the coming months for updates on these and other future activities. You also can view our past webinars, blog posts, and Post-y Newsletters on the “Postdoctoral Members” web page.

The activities of the PDA are successful largely because of the dedicated postdoc volunteers who come forward to contribute and provide feedback throughout the year. The ideals we hope to impart to all Postdoc members are to “get involved, stay involved, and get others involved.” We encourage all SOT postdocs to communicate with their representatives, Specialty Sections, and mentors to learn more about opportunities to make the most of your SOT and PDA memberships.

The PDA also encourages all SOT postdocs to apply for the 2021 Best Postdoctoral Publication Awards. These awards, presented during the SOT Annual Meeting, recognize outstanding work accomplished during formal mentored postdoctoral traineeships by recognizing exceptional recently published papers in the field of toxicology.

As this National Postdoc Appreciation Week draws to a close, I thank you for the value you bring to the Society and to the larger scientific community. You are the future leaders in toxicology.