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Graduate Students Receive Support to Attend the Virtual 2021 Annual Meeting

Each year, the Graduate Student Travel Support award funds travel to the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo for outstanding graduate students presenting research during the meeting. As the Annual Meeting shifted to a virtual format for 2021, these young researchers still received support to attend...

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President’s Message: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Dear Colleagues: It’s been a little more than a year since the start of the pandemic and almost a year since I assumed the duties of SOT President. It’s been a year like no other for all of us. We have all had to adapt to working and interacting remotely. Mundane tasks that we never thought...

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2021 Annual Meeting Report: Discussing New Models and Exposure Systems during the 2021 Respiratory Toxicology Poster Session

The year 2020 marked the spread of a global pandemic that took the world by surprise and halted life as we knew it. It also emphasized the dangers posed by air-borne pathogens and their potential to cause massive havoc. For a respiratory toxicologist, these were interesting times! Scientific...

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2021 Annual Meeting Report: Rebecca Fry Delivers Translational Impact Award Lecture

Dr. Rebecca Fry, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was awarded the 2021 SOT Translational Impact Award for her translational research on developmental toxicants and public health. Her Award Lecture during the 2021 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, “The Placenta: A...

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2021 Annual Meeting Report: The Future of Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) in Next-Generation Risk Assessment

The threshold of toxicological concern (TTC) is a science-based concept that categorizes chemicals with low-level exposures. No appreciable human health risk for a lifetime of 70 years is expected for exposure values below the TTC. The US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) Threshold of...

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An Afternoon to Reflect upon Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Toxicology Education

SOT is committed to embracing diversity and optimizing inclusion. To kick off the Virtual 2021 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, 47 SOT members from 42 different institutions representing all sectors of toxicology (academia, government, and industry) came together on Friday, March 12, to consider...

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2021 Annual Meeting Report: Fundamental Quantitative Principles for Improving Toxicological Science and Risk Assessment

Why do some toxicologists make inadequate propositions or assumptions while interpreting quantitative data? And why do these same mistakes occur repeatedly? It all comes down to violation of three fundamental quantitative principles. This was presented by Dr. Wout Slob, the recipient of the 2019...

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2021 Annual Meeting Report: Using the Placenta to Study Environmental Exposures

The placenta is a very unique organ, responsible for ensuring the healthy development of fetuses early in life. However, we still know very little about this organ despite its importance. During the 2021 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo Symposium Session titled “Environmental Influences on...

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The Virtual 2021 Annual Meeting Was a Success!

More than 4,000 attendees joined the Society during the first-ever all-virtual SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, March 12–26, 2021. The Virtual 2021 Annual Meeting offered a venue for sharing the latest science in toxicology, through Continuing Education (CE) courses, Scientific Sessions, Poster...

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2021 Annual Meeting Report: Roll of the Splice: Understanding the Role of Alternative Splicing in Predictive Toxicology and Medicine

Alternative splicing events can lead to differential responses to xenobiotics because of the modified synthesis of proteins. In other words, how each new protein variant is able to contribute to metabolism and disease progression is a roll of the dice. In the Workshop Session “Revising Biology...