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President’s Message: A Word from the SOT President during Uncertain Times

Dear Friends and Colleagues: These are unsettling times. Much of the world has started to slowly emerge from the shadow of a global pandemic that has taxed our medical, scientific, national, and local communities, disproportionality so for our friends, family, and colleagues of black or Latino...

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Celebrating Toxicology as Part of Black History Month at Georgia Southern University

This blog was co-authored by Drs. W. Eric Gato, Ria Ramoutar, and Walter Turner. As part of the celebration of Black History Month, faculty from the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Georgia Southern University (GS) hosted Antonio Baines, PhD, from North Carolina Central University ...

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International ToxScholar Outreach Grant Supports Brazilian Students Considering a Career in Toxicological Research

As an awardee of the SOT International ToxScholar Outreach program , I gave a two-day course to PhD and MS students in the Toxicology Program of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The opportunity to go back to my graduate school in Brazil to teach the...

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President's Message: Pilot Programs for the Annual Meeting and Other Strategic Plan Updates

As I am sure any of the SOT Past Presidents will confirm, your year as President of this extraordinary society goes by all too quickly. In this, my last message to you as President, I thought it might be worthwhile to briefly highlight some of the accomplishments your leadership team has...

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International ToxScholar Nitin Verma Emphasizes Careers in Toxicology, New Horizons, and Advances in Toxicological Sciences during Nepal Visit

This blog was authored by Nitin Verma, PhD. Through the SOT International ToxScholar program, I met with undergraduate and postgraduate students and faculty of various institutes in Nepal in December 2019 and January 2020. I visited Vinayak College of Health Sciences, Kathmandu; Central...

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Funds Available to Promote Toxicology in Developing Countries

Are you an SOT member? Have you ever considered visiting a developing country for the purpose of spreading joy and enthusiasm regarding toxicology? If you answered yes to those questions, then the SOT International ToxScholar Outreach Grant is the travel award for you! Up to $1,250 in...

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Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Scientific Disciplines: Crises and Opportunities

Scientific disciplines have some long-standing issues related to diversity and inclusion. Since 1901, less than 4% of Nobel Prize recipients in science have been women. Even more astonishingly, not a single Nobel laureate in science has been black. While this historic picture appears bleak,...

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Council Approves the Creation of the Sustainable Chemicals through Contemporary Toxicology Specialty Section (SCCTSS)

On behalf of SOT Council, I am pleased to announce the approval of a new SOT Specialty Section: the Sustainable Chemicals through Contemporary Toxicology Specialty Section (SCCTSS). About SCCTSS The purpose of SCCTSS is to address the broader impact of toxicological research to inform...

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SOT Approves Two New Special Interest Groups and a Specialty Section Merger

On behalf of SOT Council, I am pleased to announce the approval of two new Special Interest Groups: the Arab Toxicologists Association Special Interest Group (ATA) and the Out Toxicologists and Allies Special Interest Group (OTA). Enrollment into ATA and OTA will begin in late 2019 with the 2020...