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Support Your Endowment Fund!

“Be thankful, and give back by supporting your favorite SOT Endowment Fund.” The Endowment Fund was established in 2006 to aid in achieving the Society’s strategic objectives by providing stable, long-term financial support that complements revenues from dues and other sources. The overall...

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STUDENTS AND POSTDOCS—You Can Benefit Directly by Donating to the Rising Star Campaign!

Donate to your scientific community and see immediate returns! Contribute today to the Rising Star Fund ! The Rising Star Annual Fund established in 2018 by the Endowment Fund Board is intended to support the career development needs of SOT graduate students and postdoctoral scholars...

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Award Recipient Learns Imaging Mass Spectrometry Techniques

Submitted by Jephte Akakpo, BS, MS Imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) is a fairly novel technique enabling sensitive identification of drugs and metabolites from 2D samples, typically tissue sections. To learn this technique, I attended an advanced imaging mass spectrometry (AIMS) laboratory...

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The Endowment Funded Awards... And the Award Goes To

Matthew S. Bogdanffy, PhD, DABT, ATS, Chair, SOT Endowment Fund Board The 2016 Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting was a huge success, not just because of the stellar science and excellent venue, but also because of the number of awards supported by the SOT Endowment Fund. This year...

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Donald E. Gardner Fund Helps Early Career Scientist: Endowment Fund Board News

by Mathew Bogdanffy, 2015–2016 Chair, SOT Endowment Fund Board Dr. Donald Gardner was a distinguished pioneer in the field of Inhalation Toxicology. His research contributed to a better understanding of the health effects of air pollutants, thereby promoting the health of workers and the...

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Two New Named Endowment Funds Announced: Matching Funds Available

The Society of Toxicology (SOT) is pleased to announce that two new Endowment Funds have been established: the Donald E. Gardner (photo below) Inhalation Toxicology Education Award Fund and the Toxikon, A Preclinical Toxicology Organization, and Dr. Dharm Singh Association of Scientists of...

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SOT Announces the Creation of the Celebrating Women in Toxicology Award Endowment Fund

The Society of Toxicology (SOT) is pleased to announce the creation of the Celebrating Women in Toxicology Award Endowment Fund, sponsored by the Women in Toxicology Special Interest Group (WIT SIG). Proceeds from this Fund will be used to provide cash stipends to domestic or international...

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New Endowment Fund Announced: The Environmental Carcinogenesis Research Fellowship

The Carcinogenesis Specialty Section is sponsoring a new Endowment fund, The Environmental Carcinogenesis Research Fellowship Fund , created by a group of SOT members who have actively conducted research in environmental carcinogenesis for many years. Among these individuals are current, past,...

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SOT Endowment Fund Helps Build for the Future and Global Impact of Toxicology

Contributors to the SOT Endowment Fund are instrumental in building for the future of toxicology by providing long-term financial support to enable the Society to fulfill its mission, now and in the years to come. In the SOT 2012–2013 fiscal year, the Education , Global Activities , and SOT...